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How to use

STEP 1: Open the flacon gently. STEP 2: Dampen a clean toothbrush with powdered charcoal  STEP 3: Brush gently and in a circular motion for two minutes STEP 4: Rinse thoroughly with water  STEP 5: Enjoy your newly acquired smile and tag us on Insta with #DiamondSmile  Attention is advisable to use it in the evening, because a slight black color can remain at the base of your teeth, but no worries, the next morning after your brushing, there will be no more color. As a result, your teeth are noticeably whiter and you will get a dazzling smile and an unprecedented feeling of dental smoothness. Are your teeth usually sensitive? Does the idea of rubbing something across it cause you to worry? Don’t be...

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Looking for Diamonds?

Well, look no further because you're about to discover them!                       Gildun Kaissar is a Whitening Powder made exclusively from natural coconut charcoal, meant to bring you that Hollywood smile. Henry Kissinger said that "A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure" and everybody knows that diamonds last forever... This powder is 100% natural, made from activated coconut shell charcoal. When we stop to think about it, it can be quite unnerving to acknowledge the amount of chemicals we put into our bodies. If you’re worried about this, a toothpaste made using natural ingredients, such as this one, will bring peace of mind.        ...

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